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SPECIES description - Invertebrates

Eriphia verrucosa


KINGDOM:        Animalia

PHYLUM:            Arthropoda

SUBPHYLUM:     Crustacea

CLASS:                Eumalacostraca

ORDER:             Decapoda

SUBORDER:       Brachiura

FAMILY:              Menippidae

GENUS:               Eriphia

SPECIES:          verrucosa


COMMON NAME:  warty crab (en)/favollo  (it).


DISTRIBUTION: throughout the Mediterranean Sea, also in the eastern Atlantic from the southern coast of Brittany to Mauritania and the Azores.


HABITAT: inhabits shallow waters along rocky coasts among stones and seaweeds, from  5-15 m in depth.


DESCRIPTION: thick carapace, slightly convex upper face, smooth, and with transverse ridges behind the frontal border and the lateral regions. Strong asymmetric chelipeds. Female has a large oval abdomen, while the male’s is narrow. Brownish-red or brownish-green in colour, with yellow spots.


BIOLOGY: powerful claws can bite viciously.


SIZE: 6.5-7 cm in length, 8-9 cm in width.


DIET: feeds on molluscs and polychaetes.


REPRODUCTION: a highly prolific species. Planktonic larvae with 4 metamorphosis stages.


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