Opening time

The Aquarium is open 365 days/year.

Parking lots

The Aquarium car park is open every day, 24 hours a day.
Places available: 167, of which 4 for disabled people.
It is not possible to reserve a parking space, but within the Porto Antico Area there are other covered and uncovered car parks.
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Adult (+13) starting from €25,00
Boys (4-12) starting from €15
Children (0-3) free
Military / Over 65 / Disabled* starting from €19
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  • The entrance ticket to the Genoa Aquarium, like the tickets for all the other structures included in the AcquarioVillage (The City of Children and Teens, Bigo and Biosphere), combined included, ARE NOT NOMINAL.
    For tickets purchased online, the name that appears on them is that of the person who made the purchase, or the gift recipient.
    In case of impossibility to carry out the visit, the tickets can therefore be transferred to third parties.
  • The FIXED DATE ticket requires, at the time of purchase, the reservation of the date/time slot chosen to carry out the visit. Date and time slot are binding and must be respected.
    The FLEXI ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase, does not require immediate booking and gives the possibility of making a date/time slot change, avoiding the loss of the ticket in the event of inconveniences.
  • If you have purchased a FIXED DATE ticket, we are sorry but, as per the conditions of sale, this is not possible.
    If you have purchased an OPEN FLEXI ticket, you can change the date/time slot of the visit once, within 2 hours of the chosen entry time, at the following link: ?
  • Disabled people with documentation certifying their disability are entitled to a discounted fare ("reduced" ticket).
    The companion of the 100% disabled person is entitled to free entry; in case of online purchase, the companion must go to the cash desk to collect the free ticket, upon presentation of the above-mentioned certification.
    In the case of disabled people aged between 4 and 12, we recommend purchasing the "child" ticket, which is cheaper than the "reduced" ticket.
  • Sorry, no animals are allowed inside the Genoa Aquarium with the exception of guide dogs for blind people.
    For information about the dog sitting service in the area, we suggest you contact the IAT (Tourist Reception Information) Porto Antico. (tel.: 010.5572903 - email:
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Face to face with dolphins

Face to face with dolphins

Exclusive experience
  • Available days
  • Available days
  • Tutti i giorni
    (tranne lunedì e venerdì)
  • Reservation
  • Reservation
  • Mandatory (minimum 3 working days in advance of the date - Max 5 participants)
  •  Experience time
  • Experience time
  • 8.40 am
  • Price
  • Price
  • Adults: €100
    Children: €89 (6-12 years )
  • Duration
  • Duration
  • 1h 45'

The emotion of a close encounter

Live an exclusive and exciting experience and discover all the secrets of the dolphins.

The guide from the Genoa Aquarium will accompany you to get to know the dolphins housed in the Cetacean Pavilion and will explain the management methods to guarantee their well-being. You will witness the training sessions, preparation and administration of food. During the experience you will participate in the active animal observation session from a reserved position that is used by the staff to study our dolphins.

Furthermore, the conservation and research activities conducted by the scholars of the Genoa Aquarium on the cetacean species of the Mediterranean Sea and in particular on the bottlenose dolphin will be illustrated, deepening the knowledge of biology, ecology, ethology and protection of this species in the Marine Protected Area "Santuario Pelagos”. You will attend a training session taking place in front of one of the large tanks and you will take on the role of a staff member. Finally, you will receive a free kit with some gadgets.

Face to face with dolphins

Information and participation rules

  • The experience is reserved for a maximum of 5 participants.
  • The start of the activity is at 8.40 am and the duration is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Delays with respect to the appointment which will be communicated upon confirmation of the service are not permitted.
  • The experience is available every day, including holidays, except Mondays and Fridays.
  • Comfortable and seasonal clothing is recommended for outdoor activities.
  • It is necessary to wear closed shoes without heels, possibly with rubber soles.
  • Minimum age 6 years; minors must be accompanied by an adult, paying and participating in the activity.
  • It is necessary to leave bags, backpacks and all bulky objects or objects deemed unsuitable by the aquarists in the designated space which will be indicated by the staff
  • The introduction of potentially dangerous accessories and personal objects for animals onto the poolside (unworn glasses, earrings, piercings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, hair clips, video cameras, cameras, etc.) is prohibited.
Information and participation rules
Important notes to know
The participation fee does not include entry to the Genoa Aquarium which must necessarily be purchased to carry out the activity. At the end of the activity it is possible to complete the visit to the Aquarium independently.

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According to Italian legislation for the protection of protected species and in particular Cetaceans, physical contact with dolphins is prohibited and, consequently, no form of direct contact of participants with the animals present in our tanks is foreseen during the program. The training sessions may vary depending on technical or aquariological needs relating to the management and well-being of the dolphins present in the tanks. Minors must always be accompanied by at least one paying adult participating in the activity.
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