Galata Museo del Mare e il sommergibile Nazario Sauro

Galleys, steamships and 6000 original samples

Aquarium Hours

Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm, with last entry at 4:00 pm - Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 9:00am to 8:00pm, with last entry at 6:00pm

Discover the history of sea navigation

This is the largest and most innovative maritime museum of the Mediterranean Sea and it includes a full-scale Genoese galley (33 meters long) of the 17th century and a brigantine-schooner of the 19th century. The museum also displays 6000 original objects in its 23 rooms, enabling you to completely immerse yourself in the history of sea navigation. The exhibition goes on with the voyages of Italian emigrants on board of steamships heading towards North America, Brazil and Argentina. There is also a part dedicated to contemporary migration movements. This is the history of navigation both on and beneath the surface, thanks to the exclusive tour of the submarine Nazario Sauro, the first museum in a ship in Italy that can be visited in the water.

The museum is managed by Costa Edutainment and it belongs to the Municipality of Genoa, which handles and supervises the artistic, scientific and cultural direction through the Mu.MA – Istituzione Musei del Mare e delle Migrazioni (Institution for Maritime Museums and Migration).

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