Opening time

The Aquarium is open 365 days/year.

Parking lots

The Aquarium car park is open every day, 24 hours a day.
Places available: 167, of which 4 for disabled people.
It is not possible to reserve a parking space, but within the Porto Antico Area there are other covered and uncovered car parks.
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Adult (+13) starting from €25,00
Boys (4-12) starting from €15
Children (0-3) free
Military / Over 65 / Disabled* starting from €19
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  • The entrance ticket to the Genoa Aquarium, like the tickets for all the other structures included in the AcquarioVillage (The City of Children and Teens, Bigo and Biosphere), combined included, ARE NOT NOMINAL.
    For tickets purchased online, the name that appears on them is that of the person who made the purchase, or the gift recipient.
    In case of impossibility to carry out the visit, the tickets can therefore be transferred to third parties.
  • The FIXED DATE ticket requires, at the time of purchase, the reservation of the date/time slot chosen to carry out the visit. Date and time slot are binding and must be respected.
    The FLEXI ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase, does not require immediate booking and gives the possibility of making a date/time slot change, avoiding the loss of the ticket in the event of inconveniences.
  • If you have purchased a FIXED DATE ticket, we are sorry but, as per the conditions of sale, this is not possible.
    If you have purchased an OPEN FLEXI ticket, you can change the date/time slot of the visit once, within 2 hours of the chosen entry time, at the following link: ?
  • Disabled people with documentation certifying their disability are entitled to a discounted fare ("reduced" ticket).
    The companion of the 100% disabled person is entitled to free entry; in case of online purchase, the companion must go to the cash desk to collect the free ticket, upon presentation of the above-mentioned certification.
    In the case of disabled people aged between 4 and 12, we recommend purchasing the "child" ticket, which is cheaper than the "reduced" ticket.
  • Sorry, no animals are allowed inside the Genoa Aquarium with the exception of guide dogs for blind people.
    For information about the dog sitting service in the area, we suggest you contact the IAT (Tourist Reception Information) Porto Antico. (tel.: 010.5572903 - email:
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Emotional dinners

Emotional dinner

Exclusive experience

The magic of an unforgettable experience

It is said that a memory is indelible in our memory if accompanied by a strong emotion.
This concept is the basis of the creation of the Emotional Dinner, a sensorial experience during which you will be surrounded by a world of perceptions.

Sight, smell, touch, hearing, the fusion of the senses to experience a one-of-a-kind dinner, letting you be entertained by the magic of dolphins and the romantic notes of a soprano.

Dinner at the bottom of the sea

Information and Booking

Exclusive evening limited places (80 per evening)
Menu choice between Sea and Land at a cost of €86.00 per person, excluding wines and drinks.


Reservation and payment upon confirmation required. Cancellation without penalty within 5 working days of the event. For information contact us on 0102345666 or write to

Next available evenings :
2023:  Saturday 09 December
2024: Saturday 20 January, Saturday 24 February, Saturday 16 March, Saturday 20 April, Saturday 15 May, Saturday 15 June

Continue your experience by staying in a charming residence declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site or in a 4-star hotel to transform your stay into an unforgettable moment.

Information and Booking

The evening's program

Arrival of guests 8.00pm – 8.30pm .
Entrance to the Cetacean Pavilion (after the Biosphere). During the evening the kind guests will be enlivened by musical performances from the soprano Katerina while the dolphins will be the protagonists with their spectacular presence. End of the evening at 11.30pm


Land menu

Entree: Fassona tartare with dill
Starter: Caprese with buffalo stracciatella and Parma ham
First course: Hamburger of scamorza and aubergines with dried tomato pesto, crispy bacon and almonds
Second course: Fillet with pink pepper and green pepper cream
Dessert: Bronte pistachio bavarois

Seafood menu

Entree: Wild salmon with avocado cream
Starter: Rounds of octopus tentacle on crispy potato wafer and basil cream
First course: Purple dumpling with confit tomato prawns and chopped Bronte pistachios
Second course: Heart of cod cooked at low temperatures on a bed of humus
Dessert: Bronte pistachio bavarois

Other in-depth courses
with the Aquarium experts

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