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Aquarium Hours

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Welcome on board

The largest Aquarium in Europe

The Acquario di Genova is a fascinating journey through the largest exhibition of biodiversity and ecosystems in Europe. You will discover 12,000 specimens belonging to 600 animal species and 200 vegetal species, but above all live a unique experience above and below the sea surface, to touch with your hands and to repeat and remember forever.


Hosted animals


Sqm Park Area

2/3 h

Visit duration


Vegetal species

The sharks bay

Predators of the sea

A portal with an holographic effect welcomes visitors in the sharks bay, giving a sneak preview of what you will feel while watching the big tank that hosts the predators of the sea – not only various species of sharks from different environments, but also other interesting fish. Near the bottom, for example, you can find two specimens of sawfish, typical of the Indian and Western Pacific Ocean; they can be identified easily because of their long rostrum with tooth-like denticles.

The ice kingdom

Penguins and Antartic marine species

Visitors will enjoy a stylistic design with white lacquered walls similar to real ice while they learn about the harsh environment of the Antarctica and of the sub-Antarctic region. While the Antarctic continent in itself is rather desert, the seas around Antarctica host many species that adapted to survive in extreme conditions. Acquario di Genova is the only aquarium in Europe to host some specimen of invertebrate and Antarctic fish.

In the Ice Kingdom, you can also find some specimen of Gentoo penguins and Magellanic penguins. The tank that hosts them reproduces the environment of the Falkland Islands, where both species live together in some periods of the year.

Cetaceans Pavilion - The dolphins coast

Meet the dolphins

As you enter into the Cetaceans Pavilion, you can’t help but hold your breath while your heart starts racing. The four open-air tanks host a group of bottlenose dolphins, a species that lives close to the shores.

The visit is an immersive experience thanks to a tank on two levels that will allow you to look at the animals both on the surface, as if you were watching them in the open sea, and underwater, with spectacular views. The exhibit is like a window on the Pelagos Sanctuary, the largest Marine Protected Area in the Mediterranean Sea. Here you will have the chance of looking closely at dolphins, thanks to a 24-meters glass wall and to a stunning underwater tunnel of about 15 meters in length.

Acquario di Genova.
Come to discover an ocean of wonder.